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  • July 31, 2019

Annastasia Lee Watkins

‘Hawaiian Enough’ Casting Call

Production Title:Hawaiian Enough
Director:Latisha Ortiz
ACM Course:399 (Capstone)
Production Start Date:TBD
Production Wrap Date:TBD
Union/NonUnion: Pending
Synopsis:Hawaiian Enough is a dramatic short film about Nohea a local Hapa girl who struggles with her identity as she tries to measure up to her friend’s standards of a Hawaiian. Overnight, three college students face bone-chilling experiences that will challenge their beliefs of what makes them Hawaiian.
Character Breakdowns:
Nohea (20s)– Female, Hapa Hawaiian
Courageous and determined to prove she is Hawaiian.
Anuenue (20s)– Female, Hawaiian/Polynesian
Light hearted, supportive friend of Nohea. Respectful of Hawaiian myths and legends.
Akamu (20s)– Male, Hawaiian/Polynesian
Speaks olelo Hawaii & pidgin naturally. Intense pride in being Hawaiian. Friend of Anuenue.

How Actors Apply:

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