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  • Clayton
  • June 28, 2019

Solace Theatre

Looking for larger-than-life female actors who sing, dance, and kick butt!
Valkyrie is the story of Allie, a girl who is bullied and belittled by her older sister, Rosalyn. In order to cope with the flood of new faces and Rosalyn’s threats, Allie re-imagines the world and events around her as a whimsical wonderland. There, she meets the heroic and confident Valkyrie, a fearless warrior who helps Allie find her way through the periless Kingdom of Worthington and evade capture by its ruthless queen.
Valkyrie is a vibrant, pop-punk adventure that explores topics of bullying, anxiety, and facing reality.
Solace Theatre is an up-and-coming Christian community theatre that aims to entertain audiences, engage on relatable topics, and explore real-life issues from a Gospel-driven perspective.
Auditions and Rehearsals held at Southside Church in Clayton, NC.

How Actors Apply:

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