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  • November 30, 2019

Jared Corwin

various roles


I’m looking for V.O actors for a really simple one day of ADR recording. Since its voice over, it does not matter if are these ages as long as you sound like them!

MOM (Female, 50’s)

Long suffering, impatient, angry with her husband. They’ve had this fight a million times before.

Line 1: I said two percent milk. Two percent!

Line 2: It matters because you never listen.

DAD (Male, 50’s) Exasperated, demoralized, indifferent to his wife. They’ve had this fight a million times before.

Line: What does it matter anyway?

DAB (Male, 30’s)

muscle to a cyberpunk gang, stern, commanding, intimidating

*regarding little amount of cash after a few weeks of selling drugs*
Line 1: And this is all you got?

*referencing Drey, who’s hardly been hitting his sales goals*
Line 2: And just what do YOU bring to this operation?

*when Drey says that eclectric fever has been purchasing the drugs*
Line 3: Yeah. Not in bulk.

CHILD (Male, 8)
Fun loving, WAY too into laser tag, intense about laser tag, dramatic

*referencing their laser tag game*
Line 1: Hey Petey! (nervous)
Line 2 Where’d ya go? (Nervous)
Line 3: We’ve got survivors (confident)

PAY: IMDB Credit and meal!

How Actors Apply:

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